richard_m2My name is Richard Morrill.

I will be editing this seleniumfacts.com web-site, which, by the way, is also translated into Danish under the name selenmangel.dk, Norwegian under the name selenmangel.no and swedish under the name selenbrist.se.

Having lived for some years in Denmark, I understand the Scandinavian languages and share an interest in this part of Europe.

I am also the editor of the q10facts.com website where you can find numerous articles about the health benefits of the bio-nutrient Coenzyme Q10.

I am especially interested in the special inter-relationship between the micronutrient selenium and the bio-nutrient Coenzyme Q10, but my interest extends to all clinical studies of the safety and efficacy of selenium supplementation.

What are my credentials?

B.A., University of Maryland
M.Sc., University of Southern California
M.L.S., Indiana University
Ed.D., University of Massachusetts

What is my profession?

Research Librarian
Medical writer

What do I do on this website?

Search PubMed for articles reporting the results of randomized controlled trials of selenium supplementation
Read and analyze the randomized controlled trials
Summarize the methods and results and conclusions of the randomized controlled trials

I will put factually correct information about selenium supplementation on this web-site, and I will look forward to comments and questions from readers.



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