Long-term health protection of Selenium and Coenzyme Q10

The KiSel-10 study was done in Sweden, which is known to have selenium-poor soil and selenium-low foodstuffs. Consequently, daily supplementation with 200 micrograms of a high-selenium yeast preparations was appropriate. In geographical regions with higher levels of selenium in the soil and in the food, lesser selenium dosages may be needed. Selenium is an essential micro-nutrient, it has known antioxidant functions in the body, and it is associated with good thyroid health and good immune system defense.

Combining high-selenium yeast and Coenzyme Q10 supplements gives elderly people in low selenium regions good protection against heart disease.  That seems to be the take-home lesson from a 12-year follow-up analysis of the Swedish KiSel-10 study [Alehagen 2018].

Protective effects of selenium and CoQ10 persist 12 years

Originally, Professor Urban Alehagen and researchers at the University in Linköping enrolled 443 elderly Swedish citizens who were living in a community in which selenium intakes in the food were known to be low. They randomly assigned the study participants to take a combination of 200 micrograms of selenium in a high-selenium yeast tablet and 200 milligrams of Coenzyme Q10 daily or to take matching placebos.  The supplementation study lasted for four years [Alehagen 2013]. read more