Low serum selenium levels and increased cardiovascular mortality

A recent study has found a relatively high mortality risk in elderly Swedish subjects with low selenium status. Supplementation with a high-selenium yeast supplement and a Coenzyme Q10 supplement for four years resulted in significantly reduced risk of death from heart disease, better maintained heart function, and better quality of life for senior citizens. The beneficial effect of the supplementation has persisted through the 12th year of follow-up.

Low plasma/serum selenium concentrations are associated with increased risk of death from heart disease and increased risk of death from all causes.  Professor Urban Alehagen and a team of researchers at Linköping University in Sweden have investigated the relationship between low selenium levels and the risk of heart disease.

Selenium supplements suggested for adults with very low Se levels

The Swedish study shows that adults with a serum selenium concentration below 57 micrograms per liter are at significantly higher risk of death from all causes (43% increased risk) and death from heart disease (56% increased risk) [Alehagen 2016].
57 micrograms of selenium per liter of serum.  Wow!  That’s low.

These significant associations remained solid even after the researchers had adjusted for the effects of possibly modifying factors: read more