Sex Differences in Selenium Metabolism and Selenoproteins

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Males and females are different in ways that go beyond the morphology of their sex organs. This sexual dimorphism affects critical aspects of the selenium metabolism in animals and humans. Here Seale et al. review the available information on the influence of biological sex parameters on selenium metabolism and the effect of selenium and selenoproteins on sex hormones.

One thing that the Covid-19 infections have taught us is that biological sex differences affect the way we respond to the virus. The Johns Hopkins University biologist Dr. Sabra Klein says that men are more likely to die from Covid-19 and more likely to be hospitalized with severe cases of the disease.

This seems to hold true even though women are just as likely to be infected and even when researchers control for the effect of factors such as age and region.

Women seem to have a stronger immune response to pathogens – bacteria, viruses, parasites – and to have a higher antibody production after vaccination. On the other hand, women are at greater risk for the development of auto-immune diseases. read more